The different characteristics and types of liners


Do you know the benefits of liners? Do you know the different types of liners?

Topic: Different characteristics and types of liners

The liner is a basic element for sealing containers, food and liquids. There are several benefits they provide to the product, such as:

For the consumer, liners offer an additional guarantee; guaranteeing that the product has not been tampered with prior to purchase. As it is an airtight seal, it ensures that nothing has entered or left the container, offering a guarantee of authenticity.

For the manufacturer, the liners provide a longer shelf life, since these seals prevent the product from coming into contact with external contaminants, preventing theft and product leakage.

For the product, the liners isolate the contents from the outside, improving the organoleptic characteristics of the product, optimizing its freshness, taste, smell and texture.

Induction liner suppliers

Here is Laminados Facarlyte, supplier of induction liner:

Laminados Facarlyte is a company mainly engaged in the manufacture of packaging for screw caps (liners) and polystyrene sheets for thermoforming. 

Among the range of its induction liners are:

  • UNIVERSeal ® Liners

UNIVERSeal ® sticks to all types of bottles, including those made of treated and untreated glass. The materials used in its manufacture allow the UNIVERSeal ® heat sealer to better fit the bottle mouth. It is made of cardboard or PE foam, polymer, aluminum and a heat sealant.

  • INDUCSeal ® Liners

The INDUCSeal ® SI-Cristal ® transparent magnetic induction seals are ideal for cosmetic products with creams and make-up, where the aesthetics of the container is paramount. They also open up new possibilities for food packaging where the contents of the container can be observed, which is an important factor in the purchasing decision.

  • WAXFree ® Liners

Unlike cardboard-only seals, INDUCSeal® WaxFree (WF) with cardboard/polymer backing and FACARPell® polyethylene foam are waterproof. This allows the reclosure to be airtight after the foil has been removed from the container.

  • INDUMeter® Liners

In addition to its universal sealing quality, the INDUMeter ® has the property of indicating the level of induction received by leaving a small mark in the center of the seal on the inside of the bottle. This indicator allows to discard variables in case of problems with the seal.

  • SIMPLEPeel ® Liners

Induction seal liner with tab. Easy to remove. Improves brand and product image. Induction sealing, hermetic insulation. It is completely flat, a single gauge on the entire surface improving the sealing conditions. Easy to handle during installation, available in different colors.